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The System: The Akar Contracting Company is an open system organization, because we consume raw materials, and process them into a reliable product within the transformation process.

Structural Dimensions: The Akar Contracting Company is a formalized organization, because they have a lot of step manuals for all of the different tasks done in constructing . The specialization level is very high, and it’s decentralized, because decisions made on the field ( construction ) aren’t referred to the top management level for authorization. The job requirements at the organization are pretty professional, and of high standards , and the personal turn over ratio level is low.

Contextual Dimensions: Under the competitive strategies, Akar Contracting Company falls under “Focused differentiation” . The Akar is a medium sized organization  with around 100 employees . The organization’s technology level is very high with the latest of the computer technologies available . The environment surrounding the Akar is huge, for there are a lot of competitors, suppliers and governments to deal with, and of course customers to satisfy and serve,

The Environmental Domain: The environmental domain of the Akar Contracting Company includes : industry , raw materials , human recourses, financial resources , market, technology , economic conditions , and government sectors It has low- moderate uncertainty Controlling the environmental domain .