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Natural Stones

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Natural Stones - The way nature made them .... Found in every country and each product distinct from the other. Each stone different from the other, and yet their very characteristics make every particular stone different from others of different breeds. Marbles, granites, Onyx, limestones, sandstones and metamorphic rocks... At Metagulf, we are suppliers and stockists of marbles and granites from all over the world.

Our craftsmen are experts at cutting, profiling and fixing of these stones as part of our construction group. Today, at Metagulf, we boast of some of the most prestigious sites in the Middle East, where we have worked to the complete satisfaction of the client. Travertino from Turkey, marbles and granites from India, China, Brazil, Argentina, all over Europe and Middle East, we have direct sourcing from quarries all over the world. At the core of this expertise is the zeal to do the best for our client, and ensure that the requirements of the client are met at the fastest pace, with the minimal time and costs. Our team comprises of some of the best and technically trained craftsmen in the industry.

Our sales personnel and project directors are well versed with the complex requirements and designs of architects, and are proudly working to make customer dreams take shape in front of their eyes