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Office Furniture

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Office - Where business is the way of life... And yet, the very settings & furnishing of your office conveys what you are... And what your company represents. At Akar Contracting, we have carried out turnkey operations for office furnishing, ensuring that the very best customised solutions are made available to our clients. We at Akar Contracting understand you and your needs for your office, and are therefore working hard to ensure that every small convenience or desire of our customers is met through our range of customised furnishing.

We work hard, to ensure you, our client gets the best of convenience when it matters. From modular offices, partitions, to customised furnishing, we are at your service. Our Company is very focussed on its responsibility as an environment sensitive organisation. The company strictly follows the philosophy of 'A Tree For A Tree' and abides by international conventions on protection of forests.

Our purchasing is therefore strictly from suppliers of repute, ensuring that the business remains free from the effects of poaching, smuggling and senseless cutting of trees. The company has been a regular sponsor of quality alternatives to leather and has championed the development of 'PU (Polyurethane) Leather' as a replacement of quality leather products. However, due to business pressures, based on customer requirements, we are still supplying genuine leather products where essential.